The East 67th Street Market’s Back!

| 04 Dec 2022 | 10:04

To Market, To Market to Buy – as the old nursery rhyme goes, contemplates going to market to buy and sell produce. But that was in a rural setting. Here, on the very urban UES, there’s a contemporary version of the market at the East 67th Street Indoor-Outdoor Farmers & Flea Market which has been up and running since 1979. Overseeing the sprawling marketplace is Market Manager Bobby Ditroia. He runs a tight ship with dozens of vendors displaying and purveying fresh fruit, vegetables, olives, pickles, breads, cheese, meats, fresh cut flowers, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, arts & crafts, and more. The pandemic took its toll on the Market, which recently reopened. It’s up and running and welcoming everyone back to buy, look see, and to enjoy one of the city’s great weekend markets. I’m hearing from neighbors and friends who’ve been back that they love hearing the sound of Bobby’s name in the air once again. And love that the Market’s back! The 67th Street Market, located @ PS 183 School Playground between First and York Avenues, is open every Saturday rain or shine from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For Vendor inquiries, contact Bobby at Everybody else, make it a Saturday destination.

Weed ‘em out alert – While cannabis has become de rigueur, well almost, let’s look out for the caveats. Humans make their choices. The four-legged species we know and love don’t. Nor do those who roam the city streets and its environs. Here’s the story:, in an article by Sarah Beling, reported that Layla Law-Gisko, a West Sider, was out walking Milou, her 50-pound Australian Bernedoodle, for their usual afternoon walk when she noticed that Milou “had picked something up from the sidewalk.” An hour later “the dog began to twitch and vomit violently,” and his “hind legs collapsed under him and he couldn’t walk - it was very sudden,” she said. Turns out that Milou had “accidentally ingested cannabis-filled detritus from the sidewalk.” Law-Gisko contacted Milou’s vet, Dr. Kalvig and Shorter Veterinary Associates, and Milou was taken to the 24/7 services at Chelsea’s Veterinary Emergency Group.” Diagnosis: “positive for cannabis,” which the vet confirmed was consistent with the onset of [Milou’s] symptoms.” According to the article, “Milou hadn’t ingested a large enough quantity to determine further treatment,” and that the best medicine for Milou was the chance to “sober up.” It took him two days “to regain his normal routine,” according to Law-Gisko.

Could be that Milou was attracted to the cannabis smell, a smell that non-weeders deplore and IMO could be deleterious. And, over time, won’t bring us to Milou’s misfortune or anything more serious. Perhaps our good Mayor Adams can set up a confab with the cannabis industry. They may have the weed that could weed out rat infestation. Enough inhalation and ingestion of cannabis may be the beginning of the end of the city’s rat problem.

Lucy loves lattes – It was fun sitting opposite a Starbucks counter and watching a barista making a latte for a patron holding his laptop as he face-timed with his pooch Lucy. The barista dutifully explained as he mixed and poured the steaming latte into a cup. The barista and Lucy’s pop were sure having a good time. I could imagine that Lucy was yelping as she envisioned a cooled-off latte treat when pop got home. Skoal, Lucy.

Reader readback – In a recent column, I wrote about Judge Leslie Stroth’s decision dismissing the defamation lawsuit against Council Member Julie Menin; Gov Hochul and her husband’s wining and dining at Tudor City Steakhouse; and, IMO, the politics behind the vote for Russell Squire to be Chair of CB 8. Here are comments from two UES’ers – Frank Wilkinson and Pauline Dana Bashian. Both were District Leaders. Frank is presently Vice President of the Four Freedoms Democratic Club. PS - I’m a FF member.

From Frank: Great column, all of which was news to me, and I read five newspapers a day. Thanks.

From Pauline: Great column! I was happy to see that Julie Menin is standing up for all of us. How did The Comic Strip think it could get away with that in this neighborhood? What a bunch of jacka***s. And then to go to court!