Two Get Nod to Run Unopposed for Civil Court: Greenfield and Scott-McLaughlin

| 18 Feb 2024 | 06:56

The ayes have it: After a long and winding road and as widely covered and reported over the last year here and in major media, Allison Greenfield, 41, an attorney serving as the principal court clerk for Judge Arthur Engoron for the past five years, will be on this November’s ballot for one of the two countywide seats on the Civil Court.

Malaika Scott-McLaughlin, 41, currently a housing court judge in the Bronx, was given the nod for the other open civil court judge seat on the Democratic line.

Both are expected to run unopposed in November.

Greenfield had drawn the ire of Donald Trump during his civil fraud trial which ended Feb. 16 when Judge Engoron ordered the former president, his sons Don Jr and Eric and the corporate CFO to pay over $350 million in penalties and barred them from doing business in New York for several years.

The two candidates were cleared for an inevitable march to civil court judgeships NY County District and County Leaders at an endorsement meeting held by Manhattan Democrats on Feb 12th, Lincoln’s birthday, at the Retail Workers Union headquarters on 7th Avenue.

Scott-McLaughlin in a statement said: “I look forward to serving the people of New York County as a Civil Court Judge. I am a working Mom, with two young daughters and am a proud long time Harlem resident.”

Greenfield, who has lived on the LES a little over 20 years, said that she was “honored and humbled to have received the County Committee’s endorsement” and looks “forward to presenting [her] qualifications to all Manhattan residents.”

Bowing out gracefully was Mark Shawhan, 40, who is principal court attorney to Acting Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits. Shawhan was one of the other contenders for a countywide seat. In response to my request for a statement, Shawhan said “Although this was not my year, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with so many district leaders and club members about my candidacy, and I look forward to working with them this year on behalf of the excellent group of judicial candidates who have deservedly won our party’s support.”

After getting the county’s endorsement, Greenfield and Scott-McLaughlin made the rounds of Manhattan Democratic political clubs for their judicial endorsements. At press time I learned that both had gotten the endorsements of the Tilden and Four Freedoms Democratic Clubs. Four Freedoms also endorsed incumbent Civil Court Judge Lou Nock who was up for re-election. He was previously elected in 2014.

State of NY County judicial inductions - Once elected in November, Greenfield and Scott-McLaughlin will have an official swearing-in on January 1st. Then, in either January or February, there’s the time-honored practice of judges having a ceremonial swearing-in with a small reception for colleagues, friends, family, community in the Civil Court House for Civil Court judges and in the Supreme Court House for Supreme Court judges.

Yes, for City of Yes - I’m looking forward to Mayor Adams’s plans to modernize and update the city’s zoning regulations to make them more equitable and sustainable. Link to

Saying yes to support for more small businesses by bringing back time honored small businesses that have disappeared like mom and pop stores, shoemakers, dry cleaners, other services, and amenities is an important step in revitalizing the economy as is saying yes to affordable housing and sustainability- economic, environmental, and social as envisioned by the City of Yes.

High noon with honors: Dr. May Edward Chinn and Dr. Herbert Cave are part of the glorious mural by Tijay Mohammed. Mohammed is from Ghana and based in the Bronx. The mural is at Health + Hospitals/Harlem Hospital and their January 24th program included a ribbon-cutting for the mural. The all-inclusive mural, “Healing Portraits” pays homage to the vibrant Harlem community. Narrates the community’s journey towards healing. And pays homage to medical pioneers who have left an indelible mark on Harlem. Herbert Cave is the son of of Dr. Herbert Cave who saved Dr. Martin Luther King’s life when he was stabbed in Harlem. Dr. May Edward Chinn is recognized for her achievements detecting cervical cancer.