Why are the bikes in charge? Letter

| 02 Jun 2015 | 11:07

To The Editor:

What a great piece by Mickey Kramer re bicyclists (“Bicyclists, Pedestrians At Odds,” May 14). For many years now I have tried very hard to understand why those in authority in this city are fixated on protecting and giving all comfort to bikers with bike lanes. These lanes do not work, because most all bikers continue to disobey rules, riding against traffic and through red lights. And why shouldn’t they? When are they held responsible? Doesn’t anyone care about pedestrians, especially the elderly? Can you imagine the stress to have the light to walk but continue to look on both sides so that you are not struck or have a heart-stopping experience? Why do those in authority give no thought to pedestrians? As I see it, the only solution is to license bikes. Why do most in authority have such hostility to this? When bikers know that they can be identified and fined, some may change their mindset. Hitting someone in the pocket always hurts. Why should they own the roads of this city without paying for it? Why are they untouchable? What makes them so special? Are pedestrians not to be considered if they are anxious getting around the city? Why won’t someone who matters speak up and stop being intimidated by others?

Bunny Abraham

Upper West Side