What Will it take? Letter

| 19 Oct 2015 | 05:24

To the Editor: Good letter from AJ Cross (“Harsh Justice for Bikes”). But why now? Where have you been Mr./Ms.Cross when these thoughtless bikers took over our roads? This has been going on for years and getting worse. I should know since I have advocated licensing bikes since 2006. You identify, fine them, and there may be a change in mind-set. No amount of letters to all who could read has changed anyone’s thoughts.

I was at a two-hour meeting covering the community held at Club JASA, where the Commissioner of the D.O.T. rose to speak and her opening words were that there were no plans to license bikes. The meeting had another hour to go but I felt there was no reason for me to stay after she had heard from two women who were still suffering from being knocked down by a biker and, apparently, it meant nothing to her.

When you have elected officials who love bike lanes and give away free helmets to bikers to be sure they are all protected and seem to be accepting of laws being broken, then it’s tough going. When does consideration of pedestrians, including the elderly, come into view?

I did note, however, that the CitiBike riders are very quick learners. They, too, are emulating those breaking the laws with no one blinking while this situation is getting worse by the day. I often wonder what type of disaster it would take for those in power to see the light.

Bunny Abraham

Upper West Side