The unraveling of times square Letter

| 28 Jul 2015 | 11:41

To the Editor:

Reading Janet Nonamaker’s “The Disgust of Times Square,” I have one word to say: BRAVA. She has said what I have been thinking for years. They could have rid Times Square of the pimps and prostitutes by cleaning up 42nd Street, Broadway all the way to the west, and left the rest of that area alone. What it has been turned into is a honky tonk area which Manhattan never was. Neon flashing lights one on top of the other trying to outdo each other. What a mess. I have no hope that we will ever again see that classy area. And the D.O.T. really thinks those tables and chairs are charming? These foolish people sitting for hours, do they not know they are inhaling the toxic fumes ofall the vehicles going past?

As for the tourists, yes we love them here but why are they always in the way? I was trying to cross the street and there was a couple with two children all holding hands and it was hard to get through. Did they think someone would kidnap one of their children in broad daylight in NYC? If yes, what must they think of this evil city and why are they here? And to walk along the street needing to get somewhere and the person in front stops short to take a picture. I understand they want to enjoy their stay with memories but have a little consideration. And to allow these people wearing uniforms of TV puppets such as Elmo harass many people for money, this is not what we are known for and Mayor deBlasio and Commissioner Bratton, please wake up and do something about it. As one who has known the real beautiful Times Square for many years, it saddens me to see this.

Bunny Abraham