the closing of key food: No surprise Letters

| 27 Apr 2015 | 06:11

I had been looking forward to another market since Food City closed but it does not surprise me that Key Fresh & Natural Marketplace on Amsterdam Avenue has closed.

In my view there were many problems. I never worked in marketing but I think the design of the store was not all it could have been. When you walk into most stores it is open and laid out before you and then you continue on through its aisles. When you walked in to Key one had to creep through high partitions before getting into the store itself.

The produce, when the shelves did have a selection, left much to be desired. The placement of goods on shelves were not easy to locate, etc. etc. Also, wouldn’t you think since you are the new kid on the block you would want to have an attractive shopping bag for all to see that you are there? Their bag was dark green with a dark green Key logo. How’s that for being creative? It makes me wonder where the Key organization went to for their marketing and advertising advice?

Sorry it did not work out and all those workers losing their jobs.

Bunny Abraham

I am not surprised about the quick demise of the Amsterdam Avenue Key Food.

They had terrible management and service. Why does no one ever train their

employees to make the customer their top priority anymore? Or to make the

connection between return customers and the salary they get paid? I

complained about service on more than one occasion and never got an apology --

only defensiveness and belligerence from management. The store always looked

unclean. It was poorly organized and difficult to navigate. Now people who

were not held to any standard or trained to behave better are out of work.

Key Food Corporation is responsible and should be ashamed.

L. Barry