Letters to the Editor

| 05 Sep 2022 | 10:31

Maloney’s Support for Alzheimer’s Funding

As an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association in the 12th district and a former caregiver for my mother, who died with Alzheimer’s, I am writing to commend Rep. Carolyn Maloney for her support in the very worthwhile fight to end this terrible disease and help those who are living with it.

In the current Congress alone, Maloney has cosponsored several important bills including the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Act and the Comprehensive Care for Alzheimer’s Act. Over the last few years, she has been a steadfast supporter of increased research funding, which has resulted in the promising treatments now being developed. Additionally, she has demanded accountability from the research community for the use of these public funds. Because of her leadership and advocacy on behalf of her constituents, there is more reason than ever to hope for an end to Alzheimer’s within our lifetime.

Maloney and her staff were always open to meeting with Alzheimer’s advocates and hearing about the many ways in which this devastating disease had impacted their lives, and she carried these experiences with her as she worked on our behalf in Congress. Her leadership on this issue will be missed. I encourage all the other members of the New York delegation to continue the fight on behalf of the 410,000 New Yorkers who currently have Alzheimer’s and thousands of people like me who are caring for them.

Tracy Silver

Gramercy Park

From Sesame Street to Alma’s Way

What a lovely article to read about Sonia Manzano creating “Alma’s Way.” She spoke of becoming the first Latina actress on Sesame Street. I remember watching the show sometimes as a child. There was an episode where the numbers were read in Spanish which taught them tp me. I could understand children wanting to learn and connect to their own cultures. It’s nice also when we learn from each other so this show is a positive experience for all.

Thank you and great newspaper!

Annette Wolfe

Shelton, CT

Happy 90th Anniversary to the A Train

On September 10, 1932 service started on the A train which originally ran between 207th Street in upper Manhattan and Chambers Street in downtown Manhattan. This was the first city-owned and built IND subway line. At the time, it was considered state of the art with rattan seats, metal straps and overhead fans, and providing speedy service. The subway cars were so well built, many ran over 40 years into the early 1970’s. The basic design of these cars served as the foundation for future generations right up to the present day. IND stations on the A line were built to accommodate up to 11 car lengths.

During the 1930s, NYC began building and financing construction of the new IND (Independent Subway – today’s A,C,E,F and G lines). This new municipal system completely subsidized by taxpayer dollars would provide direct competition to both the privately owned IRT (Interboro Rapid Transit – today’s 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 lines) and BMT (Brooklyn Manhattan Transit – today’s B,D,J,L,M,N,R,Q,W and Z lines).

The original base fare of five cents was established in 1913. Municipal government forced both the BMT and IRT into economic ruin by denying them fare increases in future decades that would have provided access to additional badly needed revenues.

The A train became famous in the 1940s when jazz musician Duke Ellington wrote “Take the A Train.” When the Long Island Rail Road abandoned the Rockaway Beach Branch in the 1950s, the A line was extended to provide new service to the Rockaways which began on June 28, 1956.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, NY