boycotting trader joe’s letter

| 29 Feb 2016 | 01:32

To the Editor:

I will never shop in Trader Joe’s again.

I went to the store on 72nd St. & Broadway and encountered a policy that is rude to elderly customers.

I discovered that they are fine with making people wait in line even longer, causing gaps in the line while people get off the line and expect people to hold their place while they peruse shelves, causing elderly people, who have enough problems just waiting on line, to wait even longer while they indulge their own needs at the expense of others. I just had the rudest response to my objection to it by the Captain of the store and one of her employees, who actually told me to go to the end of the line if I had a problem with waiting on the two boys in front of me who were constantly taunting me with nasty comments and bullying me as I simply asked them to move along and stop holding up the line even more. As it was the movement of the lines was painfully slow.

I am outraged that I was told this is in fact their policy...that people can just wait while others take their time online to further halt the movement. With the amount of elderly people who live on the west side and in fact are all over the country, this is disrespectful and certainly does not live up to their supposed dedication to service. It feeds the selfish “me” attitude of too many people and is undignified.

I encourage all seniors to boycott this store.

Carole Weinstein

W. 97th Street