Thank God for New York City Poem

| 15 Feb 2016 | 01:45

When it snows hard it makes me witty

I see there is no respite which is quite right

Too much slush and we become like a lush

Because order is gone and we are no longer strong

Fortunately this is not prolonged

Because our government is good

Yes, even in the hood

City streets are cleaned for our walking feet

Our cars can drive; and not just the elite

We are treated like stars and the response does not come from Mars by taking days putting us in a skeptical haze

No, City Hall does not stall and let us fall

Their reaction is action galore hitting every neighborhood door to door

Seeing what is needed to restore life as we expect before the winter gives us more than a pain in the neck

So, what the heck! We’re all in this train wreck together because of the adverse weather

So much was done right to minimize our fright

We didn’t lose power; that could have been torture hour to hour

No one missed taking a hot shower; or else there would have been a collective holler

So there’s no need for self pity


Thank God for New York City