Sow, Sew, So What Poem

| 22 Jan 2016 | 04:11

    Sewing cloth is satisfying

    And so is sowing seed.

    Engaging in these activities

    Is almost all we need.

    There is the sowing that ensures

    The going on of the human race,

    Of animals and bird and fish

    And living things that share our space.

    Air and wind and water sow,

    So our universe is green

    And farmers sow so food will grow

    To give the pleasure of the meal.

    The careful gardener knows the colors

    Of the seeds he plants in line,

    Hidden, but waiting to show off.

    Sowing with an ‘O’ takes time

    Sowing with an ‘O’ takes time

    For the hidden flower to bloom,

    But with an ‘E’ I sew a rainbow

    On one dull gray afternoon!

    -- Esther Lazarson