All Ages Must Help After Disasters

| 09 Sep 2019 | 12:49

    There sure is a lot of information and news about the first day of school, some so needed, like more speed cameras in school zones. But where are those which catch “failure to yielders,” the foremost cause of pedestrian death and injury? Another “How long dear Lord how long?” lament.

    But the scene that brightens my day are kids walking (yup, walking!) hand and hand with a parent, often their mothers, and sometimes their dads. Now and then it could be a grandparent. Let’s hope the offspring (especially the boys) never think they’re too old for that – or hugs, let alone significant time spent with their elders. Infinitely more must be said about that.

    Deadly Dorian

    And I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by the places where the schools and even homes have been destroyed by hurricane Dorian. Surely pre-teens and teens ought to offer support to their peers in such unbelievable need. And yes, that boy in the white house should head this children outreach mission, aided by a girl and boy in New York’s mayor’s mansion.

    What’s that biblical verse about children not being blamed for the sins of their fathers? How does all this relate to the first day of school? Just that this so desperately needed outreach and support should be included in the school’s concerns – beginning with an address by the principal and a plan to give ongoing help, and no mention right now about combating global warming. And also the importance of people helping one another in disaster-time should a subject covered more often in normal, everyday times.

    As for the first day of school, and the response to this horrific disaster, the principal would urge the students to be more considerate of others who, for example, share these finite streets and public transit. Yup subways and buses are more crowded on school days and too often kids in groups are not so considerate. Ah, how we need to get kids smiling !

    And I’m getting way off the mark here and a look at the Weather Channel to see (that’s important) Dorian ruthlessly battering the coastal places and to hear that many thousands of homes are without power. Imagine. Imagine.

    Being Prepared in NYC

    While the city wasn’t expected to be much affected, in my email are elected officials’ preparedness bulletins so needed by all, but especially the disabled and often elder citizens living alone. But how will some get to “preparedness meetings” as scheduled by East Side Council Member Benjamin Kallos? In fact, his newsletter says little about elder needs or related events. Of course the greatest need may be the inter-generational interaction and help. And neighbors helping neighbors - in general. (Call Ben Kallos at 212 980 1828.) Calls do matter.

    And perhaps preparedness talks should be considered for the first session of State Senator Liz Krueger’s Roundtable for Boomers and Seniors, scheduled for November 7 at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, 331 East 70th St. The topic will be NYC's Older Adults: What We Need to Live in the City. (would few attend if the “old” word were used – another “How long, dear Lord how long” lament). Well, it gives time to tell this elder concerned senator what may be needed the most, beginning with how boomers at the forum might help the seniors sharing those round tables not only in disaster times but in every day times. Krueger’s numer and other potentially helpful numbers are listed in this paper’s Useful Contacts column. Krueger’s is 212 -490-9535. Calls do matter.

    Never Forget

    And we will never forget the unspeakable people-made unnatural disaster of 9/11 and the bereaved and the injured. And now of course ongoing help for as long as it takes - for victims of this latest horrific natural disaster. All ages and surely all political parties working together and hopefully overcoming the unnatural divisions that defeat the village it takes – the village it takes to prevent unnatural disasters and give overwhelming response to the natural kind. It can be done if enough of us try