Top 3 Myths About Casino Slots

| 17 Aug 2022 | 10:21

There is a wide variety of legends and myths around online slots. Some of them may have taken place, but that was many years ago. In particular, this concerned mechanical, or “live”, slot machines. However, most of these myths were invented by slot players themselves.

In this detailed Zodiac Casino review, you will learn how online slots work, which will help you increase your chance of winning. We will also talk about the top 3 well-known myths about slots, which are only beautiful legends, in order to stir up interest in them from new players.

Myth 1: Casinos Can Set The Winning Percentage

The most popular and well-known myth is that the casino can easily customize the payout of any slot machine. Many regular players recommend not playing slot machines on the weekends, because due to high demand, the casino twists the machines so that they give a smaller chance of winning.

In fact, the process of programming a slot machine is a rather complicated procedure, if we consider modern machines. Slots from top developer companies, such as:

● Microgaming;

● NetEnt;

● Playtech.

Top slots meet all standards and are protected from any third-party intrusion. Also, this is closely monitored by all the same independent organizations that support the fairness of the game between the casino and the player. Therefore, this beautiful myth is more designed to intimidate beginners, and just gullible people, so that they do not start gambling.

Myth 2: Automatic Play Reduces The Chance of Winning

Autoplay is very convenient. You can go to drink tea or watch a movie while the drum is spinning. All processes are debugged and do not require the direct intervention of the player. The notion that automatic play reduces the chance of winning is a myth. Autoplay is made for the convenience of the player, and not for the unscrupulous profit of the operator.

The risk that the operator spins the slot is only if the gambling site is fraudulent. As a rule, copies of slots are installed on it, the settings of which can be changed. That is why you should only play on trusted gambling resources.

Myth 3: Only High Rollers Can Hit the Jackpot

High rollers are those players who play big and make maximum bets. Indeed, before only they could count on the progressive jackpot. Now the rules have changed and all players have the same chances to hit a big jackpot, regardless of the size of the bet. Therefore, there is no point in playing the max bet, risking absolutely everything.

It should be noted that on the Internet you can still find slots that require the maximum bet to get the jackpot. However, it is better not to play them. The probability of hitting a big jackpot is not so high, so it is much more important to keep the bankroll.