Learning through play and movement at All My Children

| 16 Aug 2019 | 01:37

Sponsored Content - All My Children Daycare (AMC) has a number of convenient preschool locations spread across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. We’re excited to announce that we will soon open a second location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side at 620 Amsterdam Ave., which will accept children ages three months and up. Our international learning program is unique and unmatched, providing our children with an exceptional educational experience that is exciting and all-encompassing, with a holistic approach and atmosphere inspired by nature.

Creativity is the cornerstone to a well-rounded education that leads to life-readiness. This empowering communicative concept is cultivated via our curriculum which includes music, dance, art, and movement to give our students a fresh introduction to an enriching preschool schedule. This allows them to tap into their talents and learn new ways to express themselves in a way that feels warm and welcoming. We nurture the children to discover, learn, grow, and realize the power of their potential. Tackling new situations makes the many joys of discovery a delight.

Learning through play and movement makes every educational moment interesting and interactive, as activity-based teaching supports development in all of the domains. Our professional, well-vetted, and always caring AMC staff is highly trained to not only teach our students, but to encourage daily participation with passion. Children look forward to what the day will bring and look ahead towards bright tomorrows.

Our AMC school supervisors and educators have backgrounds in special education, allowing us to support parents and children in need of select services such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling. We are adept in identifying when a child in our care could benefit from this extra support, as our team is tuned in to the age-based developmental milestones. Additionally, our friendly and knowledgeable AMC Family Service Coordinator is your go-to contact person who can recommend nearby pediatricians and other professionals you can trust, and will connect you with other AMC parents in your community. We consider you part of our family, and this means our involvement extends past the walls of our schools.

All of our AMC preschool locations are eco-friendly, equipped with natural hardwood furniture and toys, no laminates, and we only use bio-based, chemical-free cleaning products to care for the facilities. Organic food – fruits, veggies, and dairy is provided for healthful nutrition. These Earth-friendly values are important to us, and we know parents appreciate our “green” sensibilities.

Our diverse student body and staff is something we’re proud to support. Learning in such an inclusive environment prepares students for the next steps in life, heading towards a positive future.To contact out enrollment office please call: (212) 419-5416 Email: info@allmychildrendaycare.com or the following link: www.allmychildrendaycare.com/uws