Woman “instantly paralyzed” from attack by subway fiend is a graphic artist fighting for her life

Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy, who was attacked by a crazed fiend on the subway platform at Lexington Ave. and E. 63rd Street on May 21, is a freelance designer and illustrator who was also working as a barista. The DAs office said the 35 year old woman, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, was “instantly paralyzed” after the attack. Police nabbed 39 year old Kamal Semrade on May 22 and charged him with attempted murder.

| 25 May 2023 | 02:41

A 35-year-old woman who was attacked by a crazed subway shover is fighting for her life. Suspect Kamal Semrade was arrested May 22 at a Queens homeless shelter after cops received a tip after his picture was distributed by Crimestoppers. He was charged with attempted murder after he smashed Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy’s head into a moving subway car in a random attack on the E train platform on Lexington Ave. and 63rd St.

Prosecutors said that Semrade got on the same subway as the victim in Queens and both got off at the subway stop at Lexington Ave. and 63rd. St.

“As he was walking behind her, right next to the moving subway rapidly leaving the station, he grabbed her head with both his hands and shoved her with all his force into the moving subway car,” according to assistant district attorney Carolyn McGuigan at Semrade’s arraignment on May 24.

She noted that Ozsoy “hit the train in her face and head, rolled along it then crashed back to the platform where she was instantly paralyzed.”

Semrade was remanded to Rikers Island without bail following his arraignment. The victim suffered a cervical spine fracture, broken fingers, a laceration on her scalp and damage to four blood vessels. She remains in critical condition.

In addition to attempted murder in the second degree, Semrade also faces three separate assault charges.

Medical expenses have already hit six figures, but friends say they remain hopeful.

Ozsoy is a native of Istanbul, Turkey who graduated with a BAEd in Art and Crafts Teacher Education from Marmara University in Turkey in 2015. Her web site says her work “is currently focused on bringing bold, bright, conceptual ideas to life.”

“Emine is a source of joy as a friend, colleague, and human being,” wrote Shiv Patel who started a Go Fund Me drive for her friend that had raised over $141,000 in three days. “She’s artistic, lighthearted, witty, and, above all, someone we consider family.”

She said her friend has showed some hopeful signs of progress on a long hard road to recovery.

“Doctors initially informed us she had a slim chance of recovering movement below the neck,” said Patel. “In just one day, she challenged that prognosis by moving her arms. It is a huge step, but her road to recovery will be long and challenging. She’s a fighter and is already fighting to recover. She will get there, but she needs everyone’s help.”

“Her medical expenses have already reached six digits, and any donation will be gratefully accepted with an open heart,” Patel wrote.

Ozsoy lives in Queens and was working as a barista but is also a talented freelance designer and illustrator who works under her maiden name Emil Yamiz. Her works have been used by pop group Maroon5, cosmetics maker Kjaer Weiss, NPR, AirBnb, and Chicago Magazine, among others.

Rebecca Heinsen, the legal aid society lawyer who is representing Semrade did not return a call for comment.