Rock ’n’ Roll Rock ’n’ Roll ACME UNDERGROUND 9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette ...

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    9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette St.), 212-420-1934. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Deep Rising, Shakuan, Oddcon, Crash Comet, Heston Rifle, Vas Deferens. THURS: Informals, Billy Corbett, Underground Society, Clay Pigeons, Smudge NYC. FRI: Ultraviolet Rays, Knob, The Vonghouls, Neanderthal Sponge Cake, Seeing Voices, Bluestorm, Driver. SAT: John Horse Steve Buckens Project, Ripe, The Habit, Ten Engine, Karl Dietel, Nick Bukuvalas. SUN: Divinty Angels of Rock, Analogue, Sneak Five, Opus Rock, Junior Fudge. MON: The Infernos, The Rock Star Project, Angie Borges, Six Dawg. TUES: Jareds Door, Guit Box, The Velveteens, Snopea, Steal Embrace, Taranta Steps.



    95 Stanton St. (betw. Ludlow & Orchard Sts.), 212-358-1633. No Cover. WEDS: Orbis, Kristen Boyce, Wish, Clayton, Brenden O Donnel, 7. THURS: The Earl Shibe Five, Paint, Lourdes, Went, Thirst, Clyde, 7. FRI: Toka, The Swimmies, Ambulance, Palomar, The Yes Men, Chlorophyll, 8. SAT: Flux, Perforated Head, Very Very, The Pasties, Sin Sin Six, Parker TM, 8. SUN: The Phobes, Portersville, Chris Stewart, Farquar, 8. MON: Punk/metal karaoke, Brian Kennedy, Mud Cat Jones, Laura Ponce, 7. TUES: Audax, 40 Ft Ringo, The Red King, Law, Quickfix, 7.


    baby jupiter

    170 Orchard St. (Stanton St.), 212-982-BABY or See also "Clubs & Lounges." All shows $5 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: Giant Fella, Colorhouse, Jonathin Louis, ASI, 7:30. THURS: The Grandson's, Spottiswoode & His Enemies, Debbie Deane, Monkey's Writing Shakespeare, Ensimismada, 7:30. FRI: DJ Dave Q, Rudy Crew, Etro/Anime, Aldo Perez, Mozy, 8. SAT: Campesinos del Sol, Stella Star, The Strokes, Lotus 33, The Parting Gift, 8:30. SUN: Akim Funk Buddha's "Dha Fuzion," 8, $5-$8; The Young Lions, 4:30-8, free. MON: Sillith Fair w/Nocturnal Night Creatures, DJsTaka & Technic, Nikki, 8. TUES: Campesinos del Sol, Justice System, Dahlia Korella, 8.


    battery park

    Great Lawn, State St. (West St.), 212-407-2429. WEDS: Bob Cantwell & the Stompers, 12:15, free.


    bitter end

    147 Bleecker St. (Thompson St.), 212-673-7030. Shows are $5 & begin at 8 (unless otherwise specified). WEDS: Stop Irrational Logic, Sneak Five, Stef Gordon, Kelly Faust. THURS: Olivia Nuetron Bomb, Reverend Tribble & the Angels, Ball in the House, Conrad Anthony, $7. FRI: Dan Cazio & the NY Bluebook, Redtime, Kharma Zhu, Mike Nappy Band, Haledon. SAT: Billy Hector & the Fairlanes, Simon Townsend, Joe Brack, $8. SUN: Mann Made Jam, Tom Paul, Steven Gellman. MON: NY Songwriters Circle: Burr Johnson Band, Magic Pill, Amy Ward, Rob Mathes, Julie Gold, Tina Shafer, Hugh Prestwood. TUES: Happy Fernandez, Greg Tannen, Cory Glover, Emily Curtis, $7.



    172 Allen St. (betw. Stanton & Rivington Sts.), 212-777-6028. SAT: Elizabeth Avery, 7, free.


    B.M.W. BAR

    199 7th Ave. (betw. 21st & 22nd Sts.), 212-229-1807. No cover. WEDS: Andy Fitzpatrick, 8. FRI: Ken Hypes, 10; San Dixon, 7. SAT: Rick Johnson's B.M.W. open mic, 4-9. SUN: Joe Romby, 7.



    15 W. 4th St. (Mercer Ave.), 212-228-7880 or All shows at 7:30 & 10:30 unless specified. FRI & SAT: Steve Forbert & the Rough Squirrels, Victoria Williams, $30. MON: War, $25. TUES: Alex Chilton, Bonepony, $20.


    bowery ballroom

    6 Delancey St. (Bowery), 212-533-2111. Fri., Mon. & Tues. shows are 18 & over. THURS: The Derek Trucks Band, Alvin Youngblood Hart, 8, $15. FRI: The Derek Trucks Band, Topaz, 8, $15. SAT: Kid Silver, Longwave, Koester, Box of Birds, 7:30, $10. MON & TUES: Catherine Wheel, Tracy Bonham, 8, $20.



    169 Ave. A (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-420-8392 or 21 & over except Sundays. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Jean Smith (Mecca Normal), Tara Jane O'Neill, Curtis Harvey, Sweeder, 8, $8. THURS: Pale White Horse, Nurse & Soldier, Tin Shade, 8, $7. FRI: Johnny Chan & the New Dynasty Six, Irreversible Slacks, The Insomniacs, Monumentals, 9, $7. SAT: The Lapse, Interpol, Thingy, California Stadium, 9, $8. SUN: The World/Inferno Friendship Society, North Sea Story, Plugspark Sanjay, Aloha, Pop Unknown (ex-Mineral), 7:30. MON: Pelt, Puracane, 310, Stereo Mud, 8, $7. TUES: The Pressure Unit, Spöözys, The Rods, 8:30, $7.



    315 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-982-4052 or WEDS: Social Hero, Gravy, Upper Room, American Chord Workers, Firmé, Tulipo Mania, 7, $6. THURS: A White Goy, 2Brothers, Wax Museum, Love 666, Elsewhere, Gutter Poet, Linus, 7, $6. FRI: Loud Az F*ck Festival II pres. Vic 20, Keelhaul, Dollhouse Saloh, Plutocracy, Disassociate, Millions of Dead Cops, Al Out War, Cattle Press, Luddite Clone, Bongzilla, $10. SAT: Loud Az F*ck Festival II pres. The Goons, Damad, Meatjack, S.F.A., the Nihilistics, Dropdead, Hellchild, Grief, Anal Cunt, Today is the Day, $10. SUN & MON: Audition showcase. TUES: "Raise the Roof" benefit feat. Poweresque, Elva Snow, Elephant Driver, Sea of Cortez, Suicide King & special guests, 7, $7.

    Downstairs Lounge: THURS: Lesbian Sex Secrets For Men book release party, 8, $5. FRI: "Vyagra," 10, $9. SAT: Audax, Custardpaws & Mr. Freezy, 10, $5. TUES: Tuesday Night Khemistry, 10, $5; Liquid Logic (CD release party), 7.  


    313 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-677-0455. WEDS: Laura Burhenn, Pharmacy, Faint Red Trees, The Garden Verge, Michael Kroll, $5. THURS: Freeloader, Don Dilego, Janet Hamill & Moving Star, Greg Naughton, Joshua Kobak, $5. FRI: The Rooftop Cowboys, The Precious Things, Deborah, Smoke, $7. SAT: John Lardiari, Audio Butter, Samsara, Barbara Jacobs, $7. SUN: Cathy Ann Borges, Amelia White, Chris Osburn, Tom McChormack, Jannett Charlton, $5. MON: "Alchemy" w/DJ Jason spinning Goth, 10PT Grimm & the Dead Puppies, The Big Little, Una Pong, Elissa Jones, the Hesh, Inc., $5. TUES: Stevie T, Drazy Hoops, Katie Elevitch, Cooper Green, The Dusty Diamonds, Dusty Wright, $5.


    the c-note

    157 Ave. C (10th St.), 212-677-8142. No cover. WEDS: AJ Cope's Showcase w/Deep Sound Diver, JC Soan, Aj Cope. THURS: Chris' Showcase feat. Jerkwater, Douce Gimlet, The Scholars, LJ Murphy, 7. FRI: Women in Music: Randi Russo, Homer Erotic, Claudia Johnson, Jenny Arnau, Meredith Bliss, Alice Beirhorst, 7; Sarah Brindell, 5. SAT: Gil Coggins, 5. SUN: Women in Music: Ekayani & the Healing Band, 11; Rick Johnson's "Folk Roost," 6-11. MON: Akiko Palvolka, Russ Turk, Andy Crossland, Kenli Mattus, The DLs, 7.


    central park summerstage

    Rumsey Playfield, 72nd St. (midpark), 212-360-CPSS or All shows are free unless otherwise noted. THURS: Tricky, Dave Courtney, Luc Sante, 7:30; DJ set w/DJ State, 6:30. FRI: Seán Curran, Roger Sinha, 8:30. SAT: Fishbone, DJ Swamp, The Persuasions, 3; DJ set w/Fantastic Plastic Machine, 1:30. SUN: Milly Quezada, Los Hermanos Rosario, Los Toros Band, 3. MON: Rahzel w/DJ JS-1, Kenny Muhammad & MB2000, Ranking Joe & Mikey Jarrett, Dean Bowman & Jeff Haynes, 7:30.



    25 3rd Ave. (St. Marks Pl.), 212-529-6924. WEDS: The Bagdadios, Dubbed in England, Reting, In Touch, 8:45, $5. THURS: Smellyroses, ICU, Stipplicon, Thems Good Eatin', Tender Idols, 8, $5. FRI: Psycho Charger, Phil Hummer & the Buzzards, The Swaggerts, Roy Wilson's Honky Tonk Boys, 9, $7. SAT: The Dwarves, Dirty Mary, Roller, $12, $10 adv. SUN: Sex Pistols Tribute Record Release Party w/Blanks 77, Submachine, LES Stitches, Niblick Henbane, 7. MON: Wild Dog Chase, Sick FM, Queen V, Engine Orange, On the Brink, 8, no cover. TUES: The Returnables, Rivington, Hedge, 8.



    416 W. 14th St. (9th Ave.), 212-645-5189 or No cover on Mondays. FRI: Moisturizer, Del Mar, Bandroids, Honeychild. SAT: The Moonlighters, Wild Party Shieks, Howard Fishman Quartet, Blasco Ballroom. MON: Penniless Wilds, Poka Poka, the Universal Chrome, 9:30.


    cutting room

    19 W. 24th St. (betw. B'way & 6th Ave.), 212-691-1900. FRI: Miles Griffith. SAT: Chris Barron (Spin Doctors).


    don hill's

    511 Greenwich St. (Spring St.), 212-219-2850. WEDS: Röck Cändy w/Starr, Daddy, Napalm Stars, Red Monkey, 9, $5, free for those sportin' big hair. THURS: BeavHer w/DJ & host Frankie Inglese, 10, $5. FRI: Fraggle Rock/Star Struck pres. 70s BBQ Rock Off w/Aching Trench, Boiler Makers, Supervillian, DFB, Moxiechaos, Full Moon Syndrome, The Downtowns, Charm School, Her Vanished Grace & more. SAT: Tiswas pres. Don Hill's Birthday party w/Booga Sugar, 11. MON: GTO pres. TUES: Les Sans Culottes, Lesion, Tongue Bites, 9:30, $12.



    144 Bleecker St. (betw. Thompson St. & LaGuardia Pl.), 212-979-8434 or WEDS: Aurora Borealis, Stuck on Earth, Skunk Tuxedo, Rob Balducci, John Stephens, Amy Ward, $7. THURS: South Catherine St. Jug Band, End Games, Mitchel Schaffer, Chumpot, Splat, $7. FRI: Pack of Wise, Monster Box, 10, Tiffany Parker, Alieron, Stasshoppers, $8. SAT: Sugarcoat, Fritz O'hara, Nymph, Red Vianna, Soul Vine, $8. TUES: Paul Matthews Trio, Dead End Kids, The Connections, Up Shot, More, $7.

    Lounge: FRI: Zilo Groove, free. SAT: de-Flow, free.



    Time Cafe, 380 Lafayette St. (Great Jones St.), 212-533-7000 or Two drink min. WEDS: Jason Nash: The Reverend Nash & the Church All-Stars in "Shake Your Ass with God Tonight," 7:30, $10. THURS: Mingus Big Band, 8:30 & 11, $18, $10 st. FRI: Loser's Lounge pres. Downtown Pop Sounds feat. Driver Quartet, Baby Steps, Rogues March, Tricia Scotti, Martha Wainwright, 8, $15. SAT: Loser's Lounge pres. Downtown Pop Sounds w/Jennifer Jackson, Green Rooftops, Kris, Fictura, 8, $15. SUN: Brini Maxwell, 9:30, $12; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $12. MON: Sophia Ramos Dupré, Nefertiti Jones, Mehuman Jonson, 7:30, $12.



    70 N. 6th St. (betw. Kent & Whythe Sts.), Williamsburg, 718-782-5188. WEDS: Volectrix, 8. THURS & FRI: Lady M's "Avant Rock Opera," 8, $10. SAT: Lars Vegas, Drums n Tuba, 9.


    Irving Plaza

    17 Irving Pl. (15th St.), 212-777-6800. THURS: S.O.B.'s pres. Basement Bhangra w/DJ Rehka & Dhol Foundation, 9, $18, $13 adv. FRI: Dogstar, the Exies, 8, $20, $18.50 adv. MON: Bunbury, Juan Perro, Los Hijos del Sol, 8. TUES: Sunny Day Real Estate, No Knife, 8, $22, sold out.


    Knitting Factory

    74 Leonard St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 212-219-3055 or

    Main Space: WEDS: Bobo Stenson Trio, 8 & 10, $14. THURS: Jill Sobule, Swan Dive, 9, $12. FRI: Wheat, Jackdrag, Starlight Mints, 9, $10, $8 adv. SAT: Momus, Centimeters, 9, $10. MON: Marc Cary Trio, 8 & 10, $10. TUES: Spaceheads, All Scars, Hopewell, 8, $8. KnitActive Sound Stage: WEDS: Vandoorn, 10, $6. THURS: Red Five, 10, $6; Lo Galluccio, 8, $7. FRI: Christopher Meeder's Good Time Ensemble, 10, $7; Drum & Bugle, 8, $7. SAT: Pat Donaher, 10, $8; Spoonfeeding the Masses, 8, $7; Poetry Series, 6, $5. SUN: Rashid Bakr, 8, $7. TUES: Bunker Annex Series, 10, $5; Mark Dresser, 8, $12. Old Office: WEDS: Chris Crofton, Danny East Fingers, 9:30, $7; Jean-Michael Pilc Trio, 7, $7. THURS-SUN: Joe Morris Trio Joe Morris, Timo Shanko, Ray Anthony, 8 & 9:30, $10. MON: Sara Holtzschue, 10, $7; Tom Rutishauser, Joe Pereira, Dan Willis Trio, 8, $7. Tap Bar: WEDS: Sam Newsome & Global Unity, 11, free. THURS: Miracle Orchestra, 11, free. FRI: Chris Barron & the Give Daddy Five, 11, free. SAT: Darren Lyons Group, 11. SUN: Benoir w/Sauce on the Side, 11, free. MON: David Ullman Quartet, 11, free. TUES: Royale Septet, 11, free.  


    162 Ave. B (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-529-8463. Sun.-Thurs. shows at 9:30, Fri. & Sat. at 11, no cover. WEDS: Los Gatos Unitos. THURS: Wild Bill Durkin. FRI: Candy Jones. SAT: Bohack. SUN: Claudia Malibu. MON: Sugar Syndicate. TUES: Hugh Poole Duo.


    lion's den

    214 Sullivan St. (betw. Bleecker & W. 3rd Sts.), 212-477-2782 or 18 & over. WEDS: Pacific Boy Standing, John Sid, Vein, Laurie Cagno, Stranded Planet, 8, $7. THURS: Rebus, Will Daily & Mappari, Charlie in the Box, Bamm Hollow, Nomads, 8, $7. FRI: Virginia Coalition, Ally, Slapped at Birth, Heath Brandon, 8, $8. SAT: Johnny Wishbone, Downpore, Cannibals, Alien Life, Neurobox, New Mexicans, 7, $8.


    the living room

    84 Stanton St. (Allen St.), 212-533-7235 or No cover. WEDS: Drazy Hoops, Judi Scheeler, 7. THURS: Dave McDaid, Goats in Trees, T. Griffin, Joe Whyte, Lauren Lorion, 7. FRI: Aloah Steamtrain, Sandy Bell, Malcolm Holcomb, Valerie, 7. SAT: Lo-Fine, Figments, Pluto, 9. MON: Greta Gertler, Gloria Deluxe, Gold Tooth Reserve, 8. TUES: Steven Christopher, 8.



    171 Ludlow St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 212-260-2323. All shows at 9, no cover. WEDS: Marnie, Fae. THURS: Raw Deluxe, American Boyfriend, Moneyshot, 9. FRI: Recoys, Bionic Finger, The Leader, 9. SAT: Skycositer, Saintface, Dollhouse, Huge, 9. SUN: Plan 9, Melomane, Tody. MON: Ill Skematik, Villas. TUES: Bobby Stewart.



    99 Ave. B (betw. 6th & 7th Sts.), 212-982-2511. All shows at 10 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: The Inch Worms (band from Hedwig & the Angry Inch), The Hoales, 9. THURS: "Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three" feat. member of Televison. FRI: Truck. SAT: Adam Roth. SUN: Jean Caffine, Alec Sniderman. MON: Beat Rodeo. TUES: Misstress Formika & Candis Cayne host "Hardcore" w/live music by Daddy & DJs Michael T & Jo Jo Americo, 9, $5.



    1039 Washington St. (11th St.) Hoboken, 201-798-4064. WEDS: No Soap Radio, The Libido Bros., 9, $6. THURS: Steve Forbert & the Rough Squirrels, Mary Gauthier, 8, $15. FRI: Lavay Smith & her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, 8 & 10:30, $10. SAT: Alex Chilton, Team USA, 9:30, $10. TUES: 11th Kick Out the Jams DJ Series w/WFMU's Gaylord Fields, 8, free.



    269 E. Houston St. (Suffolk St.), 212-254-0688 or THURS: Gloss w/DJs Krux & Catling, Kerri & Lindsey w/go-go performer Maine, 9, $5. FRI: Morplay & Friends. SAT: Fragglerock, 9.



    217 E. Houston St. (betw. Ludlow & Essex Sts.), 212-260-4700. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Liquid Spider Station, Indigo, Sky Falls Down, 8, $7. THURS: Elva Snow, UnAmerican, Wheatus, The Every Others, 7, $8. FRI: The Brothers Creeggan (feat. Jim Creeggan from Barenaked Ladies), Andrew Vladeck, 8, $10. SAT: Lil, Band O, Gold, Tarka Cordell, 8, $10. SUN: Sunday Night Social Club w/the Young Turks, call for info, 9. MON: Gene, Semi-Gloss, 8, sold out. TUES: Gene, Molly's Yes, 8, sold out.


    pete's candy store

    709 Lorimer St. (Frost St.), Williamsburg, 718-302-3770. No cover. WEDS: Open mic w/Bruce Martin, 9. THURS: Howard Fishman Quartet, 10. FRI: Black Grass, 10. SAT: Martin's Folly, 10. SUN: The Reverend Vince Anderson & his Love Choir's Vacation Bible School, 9. MON: Chris Stewart, Robert Burke Warren, 9. TUES: Joe McGinty's Piano Parlour, 9.


    the raven cafe

    194 Ave. A (betw. 12th & 13th Sts.), 212-529-4712. WEDS: Joie & DBG hosts weekly acoustic open stage, 7-11, free. THURS: AJ Cope's acoustic showcase , 8, free.



    409 Kent Ave. (B'way), Williamsburg, 718-388-3929. WEDS: The Billy and/or Revy Show, 10:30. THURS: Old Rugged Sauce, 10:30. SUN: Mark Gunn's Open Blues Jam, 5-11. MON: Grey/Gorzon, 10:30. TUES: Contraband, 10:30.


    the sidewalk cafe

    94 Ave. A (6th St.), 212-473-7373. WEDS: Anthony Salerno, Acoustic Outlaw Trio, Ekayani & the Healing Band, Erika Simonian, Matt Richards, 7:30. THURS: Mia Johnson & Hoagy, Chris Barron, Holly Miranda, Boshra, 8. FRI: Joe Bendik & the Heathens, Lach, John S. Hall, Michal the Girl, Jean Caffiene, 7:30. SAT: The Humans, Drew Blood, The Costellos, David Dragov, Kid Lucky, 8. SUN: Dave Deporis, Karen Orzolek, Ms. La Nive, Jamie Stellini, John Norman, Desdamona Finch, 8. MON: The Antihoot w/Lach, sign-up at 7:30. TUES: Joe Bidewell, Chinese Restaurant, Rassan, Kirsten Williams, Erica Smith, Laura Burhenn, 8.



    204 Varick St. (Houston St.), 212-243-4940. Doors open at 6:30 for most shows. SUN: Desdemona Finch, 8, free.


    south street seaport

    Pier 17, South St. (Fulton St.), 212-SEA-PORT. Sam Goody's Home Before Midnight Free Concert Series returns. THURS: Marco Hernandez, Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band, 6, free.



    161 Hudson St. (Laight St.), 212-966-4225. WEDS: Reeespect w/Odi, Reid Speed, Kech, Ixl, Sierra, Tuffist & Pinnacle, 10, $12-$15. THURS: The Wild Magnolias, Innervisions (Stevie Wonder trib.), 9, $12. FRI: Dispatch, Yolk, Howie Day, 9, $12. SAT: Foxtrot Zulu, Yukon Cornelius, Zilo Groove, 8:30, $10. SUN: The Roots & Motive Records pres. Black Lily, 9:30, $5. TUES: Rana, Mr, Southern, Mr. Metzger, Mr. Thorton, Mr. Trowbridge, Mindface, 9, $5.



    BAM café

    30 Lafayette Ave. (Ashland Pl.), Bklyn., 718-636-4111. All shows start at 9 p.m., no cover, $10 min. SAT: Cuban Dance Party w/live music TBA, 9.



    315 W. 44th St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 212-581-3080 or Shows at 9 & 11 (& 12:30 Fri. & Sat.). Music charge & $10 min.; 1 drink incl. in cover. WEDS: Vinny Valentino Trio, $20. THURS-SAT: "The Latin Jazz Encounter," feat. Larry Harlow, $25-$30. SUN: Chico O'Farrill Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band, $20; The John Malino Band, 5:30 & 7:30, $12. MON: Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, $20. TUES: The Famous Duke Ellington Orchestra, $20.


    Blue Note

    131 W. 3rd St. (6th Ave.), 212-475-8592 or Showtimes 9 & 11:30 unless otherwise noted. WEDS-SUN: Ben E. King, $20-$30 & min. SUN: Brunch, $18.50 incl. brunch, show & 1 drink. MON: Steve Wilson (CD release party). TUES: Joao Donato Trio, $20-$30 & min.



    120 Hudson St. (betw. Franklin & Moore Sts.), 212-399-0714. MON: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.



    115 MacDougal St. (betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker Sts.), 212-254-3630. Feat. The Wha? Band & special guests Weds-Sun. WEDS: Jesus Perez, 9:30, free. THURS: Bryan Stephens, 9:30, $5. FRI: Cheryl Pepsi Riley, 9:30 & 11:45, $10. SAT: Jason Murden, 9:30 & 11:45, $12. SUN: Eric Adams, 9:30, free. MON: Brazilian Night w/Vannessa Fallabella & friends, 9:30, $10. TUES: Classic Funk night w/Ron Long, Nat Townsley, Mike Davis, 9:30, $7.


    central park CONSERVATORY

    Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, 110th St. (5th Ave.), 212-860-1370. Harlem Meer Performance Festival through Sept. 3. SUN: Los Soneros del Oriente, 4-6, free.


    Cornelia St. Cafe

    29 Cornelia St. (6th Ave.), 212-989-9318 or WEDS: Frank Amsallem (piano), Tim Ries (sax), Gerald Cleaver (drums), Matt Penmann (bass). THURS: "High Noon" feat. Roland Schneider, Jon Dryden, John McKenna, Gregor Huebner, Nick Thys. FRI: Tony Malaby (sax), Angelica Sanchez (piano), Dave Truet (drums). SAT: Rick Margitza Quartet. SUN: Anat Fort (piano), Roland Schnieder (Drums), Gary Wang (bass). MON: "One Drink Minimum" contemporary classical series feat. Matt Shulman Quartet.



    666 125th St. (W. Side Hwy.), 212-663-7980, THURS & SUN: Melvin Sparks Blues Band, 8. FRI: Ann Sinclair, 8. SAT: Ann Sinclair, 9. SAT & SUN: Gospel brunch & dinner shows. MON: Swing Dance Cotton Club Allstars, 8.



    349 E. 13th St. (1st Ave.), 212-533-6212. All shows at 9 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: Tom Beckham Quartet. THURS: Mike Fahn Quintet. FRI: Dave Lobenstein Quintet. SAT: Chris Kelsey's Unironic Quartet. SUN: The Sunday Jazz Spot w/Mike Magilligan. MON: Vinson Vallega & friends. TUES: Vista Jazz Quintet.



    251 W. 30th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 212-695-2747. FRI: Moki Jam, Mood, 8:30. SAT: The Nuns, The Carfax Abbey, 10, $15. MON: Blues Jam.



    99 7th Ave. S. (Grove St.), 212-645-0600. All shows free. WEDS: Anna Bara, 9-1. THURS: Andrea Wolper, 9-1. FRI: Yardena & Trio, 10:30-2:30 a.m.; Pat Carmichael, 6-10. SAT: Ginetta's Vendetta, 11:30-3:30 a.m.; Jacob Drazen, 7-10; Jazz brunch w/Michael Egbert, 12-4. SUN: David Coss & Trio, 7-11; Jazz brunch w/Jan Findlay, 12-4. MON: Howard Williams Jazz Orchestra, 8-11. TUES: David Coss & Trio, 9-1.


    Guggenheim Museum

    1071 5th Ave. (88th St.), 212-423-3500. WEDS: WorldBeat Jazz pres. Rob Curto, 5-8, free w/mus. adm.


    Iridium Room

    44 W. 63 St. (Columbus Ave.), 212-582-2121. MON: Les Paul Quartet.


    the jewish museum

    1109 5th Ave. (92nd St.), 212-423-3200. SummerNights pres. live music & video screenings, July 11-Aug. 29 from 5-9, pay-what-you-wish. TUES: The Howard Fishman Quartet.


    joe's pub

    Joseph Papp Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St. (Astor Pl.), 212-239-6200. WEDS: Reggae Night, 11; Amanda McBroom's Portraits, 8:30. THURS: Personality DJ Series feat. DJs from all walks of life, 11; Amanda McBroom's Portraits, 8:30. FRI: Paulette McWilliams, 9, $20. SAT: Diamanda Galas, $30. SUN: Love Bazaar, 11; Clarence Greenwood, 9. MON: Benefit, 11. TUES: Terry Callier, 10:30; Tierney Sutton, 8:30.



    123 Mercer St. (betw. Prince & Spring Sts.), 212-343-0612. No cover. WEDS: Kendra Shank, 9-1. THURS: Grant Stewart Quartet, 9-1. FRI: Jeff Silverbush Quintet, 11; The Awakening, 8-11. SAT: Jeff Silverbush Quintet, 11; Matt Jorgensen Quartet, 8-11; Nat Harris Quartet, 2:30-5:30. SUN: Yuko Yoneda Trio, 8-11; David Ullmann Quintet, 4-7. MON: Kazuko Baba Trio, 9. TUES: Nick Lazarev Trio, 9.



    827 B'way (12th St.), 212-254-6436. THURS & FRI: Pancho Navarro. SAT: Jazz brunch. SUN: Evening Jazz; Jazz brunch, $25.



    224 W. 47th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Sts.), 212-921-2005. MON: "Monday Jazz & World Beat" pres. Emedin Rivera & his band, Sambossa, 7-10.



    35 W. 67th St. (betw. Central Park W. & Columbus Ave.) 212-601-1000 or WEDS: LoungeNoir, 7:30-11:30, free. THURS: Danny Zamit's Satlah, 10, $10; Kevin Ellington Mingus, 8, $8. SAT: Andy Farber & his Swing Mavens, 9:30, $12. TUES: Songwriters Hall of Fame & open mic, 6:30, $6.



    915 B'way (21st St.), 212-505-7400. Weds. shows at 6:30, 8, 9:30 & 12 a.m., Thurs-Sat. shows at 7, 8:30 & 10. $5 cover after 11 p.m. WEDS: Adam Falcon. THURS: Scott Wilson. FRI & SAT: Vanessa Trouble.



    Flatbush Ave. (Myrtle Ave.) Bklyn., 718-636-4100. BAM Rhythm & Blues Festival. THURS: Roy Eyers, 12, free.



    1068 1st Ave. (betw. 58th & 59th Sts.), 212-755-6875. THURS: Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.


    Nuyorican Poets Cafe

    236 E. 3rd St. (betw. Aves. B & C), 212-505-8183. The Women in Music series through Sept. THURS: Latin Jazz jam w/Syotos Band & Chris Washburne, 10, $5.



    787 8th Ave. (48th St.), 212-307-9449. All shows at 8:30, no cover. FRI: David Brodie (bass), Chris Bergson (guitar). TUES: Cat De Silva's vocal stylings w/Jeb Patton.



    6th St. (Ave. B), 212-982-5673. SAT: Saul Rubin Trio, 8, free.



    240 W. 47th St. (betw. B'way & 8th Ave.), 212-921-1940. FRI: Jumpin Gigolos, 12:30-2:30 a.m.; This Joint is Jumpin', 9:30 & 10:30, $15-$25. SAT: Cresent City Mullers, 12:30-2:30 a.m.; This Joint is Jumpin', 9:30 & 10:30, $15-$25.



    107 Norfolk St. (betw. Delancey & Rivington Sts.), 212-358-7503 or WEDS: Susie Ibarra Trio, 8 & 10. THURS: Susie Ibarra, Shelley Hirsch, Sylvia Courvoisier Trio, & Susie Ibarra & Brandon Ross Duo, 8 & 10, $10. FRI: Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra, 12, $6. SAT: Steamboat Switzerland, 12, $5; Vinicius Cantuaria & Joey Baron Duo, 8 & 10, $12. SUN: Holy Modal Rounders, 7:30, $10; Concert of Old World Yiddish Songs, Ballads & Melodies, 1:30 & 3, $10-$15.


    514 2nd St. (7th Ave.), Park Slope, 718-499-3253. THURS: Matt Turk (pop), 9. FRI: The Clint Dadian Quartet (jazz), 10. SAT: Josh Max's Outfit (lounge), 10.



    178 7th Ave. S. (betw. W. 11th & Waverly Sts.), 212-255-4037. All shows at 9:30 & 11:30 (add. 1:30 a.m. show Fri. & Sat.), $15-$20 & $10 min. WEDS-SUN: Fred Hersch Trio. TUES: Jane Monheit.



    5th Ave. (Waverly Pl.), 212-431-1088. Free concerts take place in SE quadrant, near the statue of Garibaldi. TUES: Kenneth Cooper conducts Festival Baroque Band in "A Bach Celebration," 8, free.



    90 W. Houston St. (Thompson St.), 212-477-8337. THURS: John Benitez & New Montuno. FRI: Kaissa. SAT: Marianne Ebert Group (Brazillian bosa nova jazz). SUN: Cidinho Teixeira & friends (Brazilian samba jazz). MON: Ron Affif Quartet. TUES: Indigenous People w/Marc Cary Camille Gainer.



    Avery Fisher Hall

    10 Lincoln Center Plaza, B'way (64th St.), 212-721-6500. TUES: Messian Celebration feat. New York Philharmonic & the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, 8:30, $25-$35.



    43 Murray St. (betw. Church St. & W. B'way), 212-732-2873. FRI: John Redmond, Terry McKee, 9 & 10:30, $10.


    chelsea piers

    Pier 62, 12th Ave. (23rd St.), 212-477-8161. TUES: Sunset Series 2000 pres. evening of music, poetry & dance feat. performers Sout al Ghorba, Floyd Lloyd Seivright (reggae/jazz), Faith (reggae/blues), 7, free.



    73 8th Ave. (betw. 13th & 14th Sts.), 212-924-9755 or Sun.-Thurs. shows at 9, 10:30 & 12 a.m.; Fri. & Sat. shows at 9:30, 11 & 12:30 a.m. WEDS: Blues Conspiracy, $5. THRUS: Skeeter Brandon & Highway 61, $15. FRI: George Kilby Jr. & the Coolerators, $10. SAT: Todd Wolfe Blues Project, $10. SUN: Kerry Kearney, $7. MON: Open Blues Jam, 9. TUES: Blues Showcase, $5.



    East Plaza, 1251 6th Ave. (50th St.), 212-477-4094. THURS: "City Sounds by the Pool" series. THURS: Reiter Jazz Band, 12:30-1:30, free.


    lincoln center

    Fountain Plaza, 63rd St. (Columbus Ave.), 212-875-5766 or "Midsummer Night Swing" & "Midsummer Latin" events, dance lessons 6:30-7:30, bands & dancing 8:15-11, $11, $62/swing pass. WEDS: Wycliffe Gordon Band. THURS: The B.T. Express, Melba Moore. FRI: Grupo Saveiro, Krosfyah. SAT: Coati Mundi & his RumbaPhonic Band feat. Cory Daye.


    MUSIC cruiseS

    South St. Seaport, Pier 16, Fulton St. (South St.), 212-630-8888. All sales at 7 & 9:30. WEDS: Jammin' 105 w/Jammin' 105 Band, $20. THURS: Jon Lucien, $30. TUES: Blues: John Mooney, $27.50, $25 adv.


    prospect park bandshell

    9th St. (Prospect Pk. W.), Bklyn., 718-855-7882, ext.52, All shows at 7:30 & contrib. unless otherwise noted. FRI: Johnny Pacheco, Bryan Vargas & Ya Esta!. SAT: Brooklyn Philharmonic.


    world trade center plaza

    Church St. (betw. Vesey & Liberty Sts.), 212-435-4170. TUES: Blues Jam Tuesdays: Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys, 12-2, free.