Murder/Suicide Horror on W. 86th St: Super Slaughters Fiancé and Their 2 Little Boys Before Killing Self

Edison Lopez, who was a superintendent in the building at 328 W. 86th St. that was the scene of the grizzly horror, murdered his fiancé Aleksandra Witek and their two little boys before taking his own life, the Medical Examiner’s autopsy reportedly said, confirming cops earlier suspicion after discovering the murder scene on Aug. 28. Several bloody kitchen knives were recovered at the scene of the bloody slaughter.

| 05 Sep 2023 | 03:12

Even seasoned cops were rattled by the grisly murder scene that greeted them on the fourth floor of 328 West 86th St. Monday, Aug. 28th where four people were found dead, including a mother, a father and their two little boys age one and three years old.

The father, Edwin Lopez unleased the carnage on his family by stabbing them to death before slashing his own throat, authorities said.

“This one is going to stay with me,” said one officer on the scene that night, before technicians from the medical examiner had removed the bodies. Cops got the call a little before 3 pm on Aug. 28 and quickly realized they were likely investigating a quadruple murder suicide without a clear motive.

The deceased included 41 year old Edison Lopez, his fiancé, 40 year old Aleksandra “Ola” Witek, who was a New York City school teacher, a toddler Lucian, who was not quite three years old and an infant, Calvin, who was one. All had multiple stab wounds to the torso and neck and the medical examiner reportedly found that Lopez, who was discovered in a bed with a knife beside him had taken his own life after likely murdering the other three. .

The Medical Examiner said that the mom and boys died of “sharp force injuries” and “incise wounds.”

Edison Lopez was the superintendent of the building where he had grown up and had taken over the super’s job from his own father, Mario, according to reports. The younger Lopez had recently unveiled plans to move to a new job in Hastings on Hudosn Westchester to give the family more room to grow after the co-op board would not allow Lopez to move from the one bedroom apartment he had grown up in and where his own growing family had lived. During a press conference on Aug. 29, police said it is possible the apartment that he was scheduled to move into in Westchester was not going to be ready by the time he was going to be forced to leave his W. 86th St. apartment on Sept. 1. Stress related to the move may have been part of the contributing factors to the horror.

It was Lopez’s father who first noticed the horrible scene when he and his wife checked up on the family on the 28th after not hearing from them for a day.

He reportedly knocked out a key hole and saw Aleksandra lying motionless on the floor in a pool of blood but the door had also been bolted shut from the inside. He called 911.

Firefighters helped police gain access to the apartment. EMTs were summoned and pronounced all four dead at the scene. Friends of the slain mother are trying to raise money for the Witek family, which includes a brother Lukas and their mother Graznya.

“Ola was an incredibly loving and devoted stay-at-home mom to her two young sons,” a GoFundMe page said, calling Aleksandra by her nickname. “Being a NYC school teacher, she instilled her knowledge and teachings on the growth of her boys who had blossoming imaginations and whose curiosity and sweetness to family and friends alike captured everyone’s hearts,” said the Go Fund Me page which had raised over nearly $80,000 by Thursday, Aug. 31. “A proud Polish mom, Ola shared her culture and language and made the lives of her boys bright and full. Her boys loved playing with their toys, story time with mom, and were two delightful babies to all that loved them. She was an adored friend, beloved sister to her brother Lukas, and cherished daughter of Grazyna.

”it’s just so horrific,” said Sheiline McGraw, who told Straus News she lives on the block. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased and to the neighbors,” she said.

Another neighbor named Fatima who said she lived in the neighborhood since the late 90s said nothing like that had ever happened on that block. “The children, it’s just the cruelty...” and her voice trailed off.

“Lukas and Grazyna are now the only two remaining members of their immediate family, who are tasked with the unthinkable,” said the GoFundMe page.

One officer said he noticed one of the slain boys was wearing the same pajamas as one of his own kids. “This one is awful,” said the officer. “Part of me just wants to move on, but not knowing why is probably worse.”

NYPD chief of Detectives Joe Kenny said to reporters that there had never been any calls about domestic incidents at the address and relatives and neighbors said they seemed to a be a “very stable, very loving family” but neighbors told him that Lopez may have been stressed by the move to a new job.

“This one is awful,” said one officer on the evening the slaughter was discovered. He said one of the slain boys was wearing the same pajamas as one of his own young kids. “Part of me just wants to move on,” he said “but not knowing why is probably worse.”