Top Elementary schools on the upper west side

| 21 Aug 2015 | 05:03

P.S. 334 The Anderson School 100 W. 77th St.

Enrollment: 575 (k-8)

Ethnicity: 54% white, 28% Asian, 10% Hispanic, 5% black

Avg. Attendance 97%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 21

Like Hunter on the East Side, this school is for gifted students and all but impossible to get into. Children must rank in the top two or three percentile to be considered and only a tiny percentage of those get in – almost all of whom later score proficient or better on state tests. A daunting summer reading list for each grade starts at “Stuart Little” for first graders and socially conscious books like “Fast Food Nation” for eighth graders. It has a dress code – no tube tops – and gets a perfect from 10 from great

P.S. 166 The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts and Technology 132 W. 89th St.

Enrollment: 549 (pk-5)

Ethnicity: 57% white, 21% Hispanic, 8% black, 10% Asian

Avg. Attendance 96%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 19

This school has become extremely popular, not only for its gifted and talented program, but for the plethora of art, dance, music and debate classes. Extremely active parents raise about $1 million to pay for things like chess and extensive test prep. Pass rates on recent state tests were 72% in math and 65% in English. Rated 10 out of 10 by

P.S. 199 The Jesse Isador Straus School 27 W. 70th St.

Enrollment: 838 (k-5)

Ethnicity: 67% white, 13% Hispanic, 3% black, 12% Asian

Avg. Attendance 95.7%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 25

This school ranks well above most elementary schools in the city; about 75% scored proficient or better on math tests and 61% in English. Its website proclaims that part of its mission is to teach children to become lifelong readers, writers and learners; to strive for high standards, and appreciate the need for understanding and tolerance. Its motto is “Work Hard, Be Kind.” Snagged a perfect 10 on

P.S. 212 Midtown West School328 W. 48th St.

Enrollment: 360 (pk-5)

Ethnicity: 50% white, 22% Hispanic, 13% multi-racial, 7% black, 8% Asian

Avg. Attendance 96%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 28

Inside Schools found it a “small and welcoming” little school on the edge of Manhattan’s Theater District. There is a good diversity among staff and an active parents’ organization makes sure each student has a full set of supplies when classes begin and five books to read over the summer. About 72% of students are proficient in English; 70% in math. A perfect 10 from

P.S. 87 William T. Sherman School160 W. 78th St.

Enrollment: 876 (k-5)

Ethnicity: 66% white, 14% Hispanic, 5% black, 7% Asian, 8%multi-racial

Avg. Attendance 96%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 25

Long considered one of the very best elementary schools on the Upper West Side, it has a reputation for strong teachers and active parents who raise cash for extra-curriculars like ballroom dancing, yoga and art. Recent state test scores showed 75% of students were proficient or above in math and 73% in English. Perfect 10 on

P.S. 163 The Alfred E. Smith School 163 W. 97th St.

Enrollment: 625 (pk-5)

Ethnicity: 46% Hispanic, 27% white, 18% black, 6% Asian, 3% other

Avg. Attendance 94.4%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 21

This school has an academically diverse student body. Special needs kids are woven into classrooms and are team-taught by one general education instructor and one certified special ed teacher. Activities include yoga, chorus and computer arts. It rates 8 out of 10 from

P.S. 333 The Manhattan School for Children 154 W. 93rd St.

Enrollment: 771 (k-8)

Ethnicity: 63% Hispanic, 17% white, 12% black, 2% multi-racial

Avg. Attendance 95%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 29

Housed in the old Joan of Arc Junior High building, this District 3 school is not zoned -- admissions are by lottery – and it has a progressive policy which includes mainstreaming special ed kids into general classes with team teaching. It has a rooftop greenhouse where the lower grades raise vegetables. About two-thirds of all students score proficient or better on state tests; it gets a 9 out of 10 rating from

P.S. 9 Sarah Anderson100 W. 84th St.

Enrollment: 654 (pk-5)

Ethnicity: 59% white, 22% Hispanic, 8% Asian, 7% black

Avg. Attendance: 97%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 24

This popular school blends a mix of traditional academics and creative arts. Its gifted and talented program is being phased out. It has active parents who fundraise to pay for extras, like travel and Spanish, and it mainstreams special ed students with general-ed kids in classes with two teachers – one general ed and one special ed. About 80% of students are proficient or better in math and about 70% in English. Rated 9 out of 10 by

P.S. 84 The Lilian Weber School 32 W. 92nd St.

Enrollment: 524 (pk-5)

Ethnicity: 44% Hispanic, 36% white, 14% black, 2% Asian

Avg. Attendance 94.9%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 25

This school has a diverse student body. It offers dual language programs in English and Spanish and gets good reviews from parents and teachers. The government of Quebec “adopted” it and the government’s NYC office has donated hundreds of books to the French library. About 50% of students scored proficient or better on state math tests. It rated 7 out of 10 from

P.S. 175. The Emily Dickinson School 735 West End Ave.

Enrollment: 607 (k-5)

Ethnicity: 53% Hispanic, 15% white, 25% black, 4% Asian

Avg. Attendance 93%

Avg. class size in 5th grade class: 22

P.S. 175 has a diverse student body drawn from co-ops and a housing project. Parent fund-raisers help finance extra test prep and other activities. Half of the students scored proficient or above on state math tests, and 29% were proficient or better in English. It rated 5 out of 10 on