A visit from a boxer at a west side school Scrapbook

| 16 Feb 2016 | 10:45

The reigning WBA middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs visited St. Gregory the Great School on the Upper West Side. The boxer talked about his bullying encounter, and the steps he took to resolve the issue. He started boxing to face the problem with the bully once and for all. However, he fell in love with the sport and excelled at it.

Later into his presentation, he spoke about his cancer and the challenges of overcoming it. He told us his cancer battle was “one of the worst things that had ever happened to him in his life,” and it affected him badly. He explained that he had a tumor wrapped around his spine. It eventually broke his spine and he became paralyzed in certain parts of his body. He told us that through determination and hope, he got through the severe and painful battle. This inspired me so much because he believed in himself and never gave up. -- Brianna Rodriguez, 8th grade