Letters to the Editor

| 22 Apr 2021 | 03:59


    I am Cynthia Tibbs, Tenant Association President for The West Side Urban Renewal Brownstones (NYCHA) where I have lived for over 32 years, and have lived on the Upper West Side my entire life.

    Upper West Side Together sheds light on the common concerns we should all have for our community. They stand for safer streets, helping the mentally ill and homeless, and supporting our small businesses. When 11 of my 36 brownstones made the media for being without gas since last October this group reached out to me and donated toys, books, and games to all the kids in my development for Christmas as well as gifts to all the seniors.

    I have found this group to be nothing but focused and helpful in solving problems that we all face.

    Cynthia Tibbs

    Upper West Side


    Thank you, Senator Schumer, for listening about the plight of New York’s nonprofits and responding to the complex set of problems that have arisen from our country’s year-long battle with COVID-19.

    The American Rescue Plan is a victory for lung health, and I thank Senator Schumer for leading the effort to pass a once in a generation bill that advances critical lung health measures.

    The bill includes lifesaving provisions to end the pandemic and build towards ending health disparities, including additional investment in COVID-19 vaccine education, coverage, production and distribution. It also extends the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to include many mid-sized nonprofits that have previously not been eligible. Expanding nonprofit eligibility will help these organizations to continue to provide important services and support throughout New York.

    I, along with my colleagues and volunteers, thank Senate Schumer for his efforts to ensure we can continue our work to improve the lung health of our family, friends, and neighbors in communities across New York State.

    Jossi Fritz-Mauer

    Chair, American Lung Association of Metro New York