Crime watch

| 16 Oct 2018 | 11:19


Man arrested after robberyA man was arrested on robbery, felony assault and other charges after forcing himself into a West 109th Street apartment and demanding money from a person there, police said. Shortly after 9 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1, a 64-year-old man answered the door at 12 West 109th St. only for a man in his 50s to force his way in along with a pit bull. The intruder, later identified by police as Gregory Frederick, 52, demanded money and the resident and the intruder then walked to 2070 Eighth Ave., where the resident took out $140 in cash from the ATM. The man handed over the money, and the robber and dog fled on foot. Fortunately, the victim sustained no injuries. Frederick was arrested the next day. In addition to the robbery and assault counts, he was also charged with grand larceny and criminal trespass, police said.

Cab Ride from HellAt 1:10 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 4, a 50-year-old man at JFK airport was directed by an airport agent to a black SUV taxi. The visitor’s destination was the Hotel Newton located at 2528 Broadway. The driver told the man the ride would cost $1,000 cash, at which the man replied, he only had $100 and would need to stop at a bank. After stopping at a TD bank on Broadway, the passenger was taken to his destination. At the hotel, however, the passenger grabbed the cabbie’s male friend and called out to passers-by. The cabbie then jumped out of the cab, punched the passenger and sped off with his friend, heading eastbound on West 95th Street. Police searched the neighborhood but couldn’t find the hack.

Mother MuggedA woman told police was assaulted by two teenage thugs on the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 5. The 48-year-old woman said she was standing on the northeast corner of West 93rd Street and Broadway waiting for her daughter when she was approached by two teen boys, one of whom hit her in the back of her head, with other grabbing her phone and running. The boy dropped the phone but did manage to get away with the headphones. The victim refused medical attention at the scene.

SockedA shoplifter was arrested after threatening a store employee with a knife, police said. At 9:20 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5, a 36-year-old man walked into the T.J. Maxx store at 808 Columbus Ave. and took Puma and Adidas socks valued at $18 from shelves before trying to leave the store. He took out a knife when asked by loss prevention officer to return the socks to the shelf. The officer, though, was able to wrest the knife from the man and then to summon police. Angel Feliciano was arrested and charged with robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, criminal mischief and trespass and additional charges, police said.

Brotherly RageShortly after midnight on Wed. October 3, a 52-year-old man came home to 101 West 109th St. and began to argue with his sister, eventually threatening her with a knife. The woman defended herself with a chair and was able to call police after he left the apartment. Police caught up to the man, whom they identified Juan Lora, and arrested him on assault charges.