Crime Watch

| 20 Aug 2021 | 01:22

    Abusive Father Arrested

    At 1:35 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11, a 28-year-old man called 911 from his home at 156 West 92nd St. near Amsterdam Ave. complaining that his father was yelling at him and had hit him with a large stick, causing his right knee to bleed. When police came to the scene the father was not present, the son seemed fearful of his father’s returning and police saw the blood stain on his pants. Mario Forte was soon arrested on a charge of felony assault.

    Nurse Hits Elderly Patient

    A 76-year-old male resident of a rehabilitation center located at 150 Riverside Drive at West 88th St. reported that at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11, he used an intercom to call for a nurse to take away his food tray. When the nurse arrived she turned off the intercom and punched him with a closed hand on his left arm, causing a bruise.

    Five Men Nabbed after Robbing Delivery Man

    A 23-year-old male delivery man reported that at 2:29 a.m. on Saturday, August 14, he was at the intersection of Amsterdam Ave. and West 109th St. when five men ages 36, 31, 27 and 26 stopped him and struck him with an unknown object. The delivery man was pulled off his bike, making him fall to the ground. The suspects then punched him with a closed fist and kicked him while he was on the ground, causing bruising and swelling to his face. Finally the suspects took the delivery order from the victim’s left hand and fled westbound on bikes. The victim refused medical attention, and Marcelo Flores, Alfredo Reyes, Patricio Crecenio, Gerardo Herrera and Isadoro Jesus were arrested on a charge of robbery.

    Subway Mugging

    A 23-year-old man told police that at 4:55 a.m. on Thursday, August 12, he was riding a southbound A train when an individual walked through the end doors of the subway car as they approached the 86th Street station and asked him, “Can you help me out? Do you have any money?” The beggar walked away but returned and struck the victim with an open hand, saying, “He had something on him.” The suspect then took the victim’s smart watch and wireless headphones. The victim got off at the 81st Street station, but the suspect remained on the train. The items stolen included a Samsung smart watch and a pair of JBuds wireless headphones totaling $160.

    Police Seek Violent Shoplifting Suspect

    Police reported that at 12:50 p.m. on Saturday, August 14, a 37-year-old male employee of the 7-Eleven store at 600 Columbus Ave. between West 89th St. and West 90th St. confronted a known 40-year-old male shoplifting suspect inside the store. The confrontation turned physical when the suspect hit the employee with a hand sanitizer stand, causing a laceration to his left arm. The suspect then took off on a Citi Bike heading southbound on Columbus. The employee was treated by EMS and taken to Mt. Sinai Morningside Hospital for further treatment.