Central Park Dog Slasher Remains At Large As Unlucky Pup Is Euthanized

A couple walking their two leashed dogs in Central Park--at around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 17th--got into a tiff with another man walking three unleashed and aggressive dogs. After a fight between dogs escalated into a war of words between owners, the man abruptly whipped out a folding knife and repeatedly stabbed Eli, one of the couple’s two dogs. Eli, a pit bull and German Shepard mix, was later euthanized due to his wounds. The pup killer suspect remained at large as the West Side Spirit was going to press.

| 19 Jun 2023 | 05:21

Brian and Melanie were out for an evening stroll with their two dogs–a pit bull and German Shepard mix named Eli, and a miniature pinscher named Sadie–in Central Park around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 17th. They said they were observing the park rules that all dogs are mandated to be on leashes from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

They soon ran into another dog owner with three mini bullies (a breed mix of an American pit bull terrier and an American Staffordshire terrier) that were clearly seeking to dominate other dogs. They reportedly began barking at Sadie, leading to a brusque argument between the couple and the owner of the other dogs. Stunningly, the man let his dogs off their leashes, allowing the fight between Sadie–who is tiny and 17 years old–and her tormentors to escalate.

Things quickly spiraled out of control from there. The man with the aggressive dogs allegedly whipped out a folding knife and viciously stabbed Eli, their other dog, numerous times. He then simply walked away, leaving Eli bleeding out on the sidewalk and his owners horrified. They sped him to a vet on West 63rd St. as quickly as possible. In an added stroke of bad luck, the dog doc found progressing cancer in the dying animal–leading the couple with no choice but to put Eli out of his misery. The veterinarian euthanized him that very night.

Reached for comment, the NYPD said there are currently no updates regarding an arrest of a suspect as of presstime. Cops are working with footage broadcast on outlets such as ABC7 that showed the man walking away from the scene of the crime–albeit with no clear headshot. They are looking to contact the witness that provided the footage. A shook Brian can be seen and heard in the video exclaiming “you killed my dog, you piece of sh*t!” as the man leaves. Eli’s bereaved and shocked owners told the New York Post that they are unsure if they will get another dog after the incident.