5 winners to split $1 million in Brewer’s UWS district following participatory budget vote

The winners will bring new AC to a public elementary school, exercise equipment to a park, new trees on some streets, new lighting on other street corridors, in consultation with the NYPD and a new electrical system to a middle school.

| 20 Apr 2023 | 12:02

Participatory budgeting results are in for Gale Brewer’s Upper West Side’s District 6 with five different projects carving up the $1 million prize.

Brewer announced the winners on Thursday, April 20th. As a sort of exercise in direct democracy, constituents of the district were able to vote from ten different proposals over an eight day period to decide which projects would be awarded the loot. And unlike elections for office where a voter has to be at least 18 years old and a US citizen, in the participatory voting process the only requirement is that you be at least 11 years old and live within the district boundaries. Brewer, in fact, invited some middle school classes to stop by her office to cast their votes.

The winning proposals to be funded are as follows:

Security cameras for the Columbus Avenue and Broadway corridors, and other locations determined by the 20th and 24th precincts. ($250,000)

New trees and tree guards on Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. ($50,000)

Air conditioning/HVAC installation at Richard Rodgers School of Arts & Technology (PS166), 123 W. 89th St. ($250,000)

Upgrade electrical wiring at Center School (MS243), 100 West 84th St. ($150,000)

New outdoor adult fitness equipment for Riverside Park. ($250,000)