Ernest Pelerin is there to ensure the show will go on

Superintendent at the New Victory Theatre from day one, Pelerin says “anything can happen” and he ahs to stay alert and not watch the shows.

| 18 Oct 2023 | 12:35

“People say I should write a book about Times Square/42nd Street because I’ve been here so long and seen the change and the progress,” says Ernest Pelerin, who for almost three decades has been the superintendent of The New Victory Theater

“I’ve been here from the beginning,” which was 1995 when the New Victory opened. The former truck driver switched to a maintenance career in 1989, where he worked in many theaters in midtown.

The Broadway area is one of the busiest in our city and that’s OK with Pelerin because one of the best parts of his job is that “you just never know what’s going to happen.” Or who you might meet, like Lenny Kravitz, Julianne Moore, or Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a few of the celebrities who have come through the doors of the theater, either to perform or as audience members. He also likes meeting performers from around the world: “[They] come from places like Australia, Korea, China. It’s good to talk to them, get to know what’s going on on their end, and they get to learn from us, too.”

But it’s the children who come to see the shows who bring Pelerin the most joy. “The best part is seeing their faces after a performance. The kids come out and most of what you see, it’s just pure excitement.”

Even though he’s allowed to watch the shows, he mostly chooses not to because “I feel that anything can happen--something within the building, like with the stairs or the lighting, something the performers need, or outside, especially outside. I should not be in the theater.”

But he’s quick to add that when challenges do arise and need to be resolved, “We all come together, from this department, from that department, and make it happen.” He also made a point of sharing that “There’s a great bunch of people here” and that they all “have loads of fun.”

In his free time, Pelerin likes music and movies, but most of all, he enjoys “hanging out with my son.” 13-year-old Caleb is into sports, but also loves getting to go to work with his dad and seeing the shows. The service worker says management is very generous and accommodating to employees who want to bring family to the theater.

Being named Theater Worker of the Year caught Pelerin off guard, but he admits that “It’s good for me.” And it’s good for all those who frequent The New Victory. They can be sure that with Ernest on the job, the show will always go on.