5 Trendy Health Topics Covered By Specialists At Conferences and Webinars

| 11 Mar 2020 | 11:04

    #1: Medicine That Does Not Require Refrigeration Could Save Lives

    Researchers are starting to show that a lot of deaths could have been prevented had the patients’ medication not been required to have been refrigerated. Webinar medical education sites have conducted several studies that show this to be true especially in underdeveloped countries. Many people do not have access to refrigeration or even ice to keep their medications that require refrigeration cold, or cold long enough to use. In 2020 it would be great to change the way certain medications are prescribed or even produced. In this instance creating a medication that did not require refrigeration to be used would save many lives around the world and transform the way people can prosper in their communities. Finding a solution to this would save people all around the world and there is no wonder why this is crucial in 2020.

    #2: Online Recovery Support

    Online recovery support is life and death for a lot of individuals globally. Having the platform there is online to find a support group is so important to many people who suffer addiction. A lot of people live very busy lives and have families, and sometimes do not have the ability to meet once a week in person. There is also something about anonymity online that gives people the freedom to really express what they are going through without the fear of judgment. Online recovery support is a great tool to help people fight their addiction while finding support from people who can give them the tools and resources they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

    #3: Unplanned Pregnancy and Family Planning

    Unplanned pregnancy is an occurrence that happens at an alarming rate especially in the United States of America. There is little information given in schools to discuss sex education and the resources for these topics are almost non-existent. With sex being a taboo topic in America it is costing our young adolescent teens to feel embarrassed by bringing up their questions in fear of judgment and punishment. In 2020 it would be great to shed light on the topic of unplanned pregnancy and get to the core of the issue to prevent teens from falling into the statistic.

    #4: Teledoc and Other Mobile Doctor Visit Platforms

    Virtual doctor visits are soaring in 2020, partially because Covid-19 has restricted people to staying indoors, many are finding it easier to visit their doctor through their phone and have medications sent to their house. Services such as these are quickly changing the face of healthcare because doctors are able to work from home and patients are able to stay home and not spend hundreds of dollars on specialty visits, or emergency room visits. Webinar medical education is closely tied to online medical services because people are starting to see there is no need to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. During the pandemic, people have feared to leave the house and now this may become a reality for the future that people limit their time outside of the home.

    #5:Physicians Getting Paid More, But the Pay Gap is Getting Larger

    In 2020 physicians are seeing a larger salary, however, the pay gap between men and women is also growing farther apart. There is something interesting as to why pay gaps are still relevant in society. Women are believed to get paid less because they are more likely to take maternity leave or become pregnant and work fewer hours. This year a solution is needed to be made to solve this catastrophe that includes paying women equally for the work they perform, and not punish them for reproducing.

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