earning his keep

24 Oct 2018 | 04:39

Sean Williams


Sean Williams set his sights forward, and found satisfaction


Brooklyn resident Sean Williams worked in retail and restaurants for many years, but he found most stability with the New York City Human Resources Administration in the borough.

Williams, 50, climbed up the ladder at the Allied Universal Security Services building, at 320 Schermerhorn St. in Brooklyn. He started out as a guard and, 14 years later, is a supervisor.

While he wanted to be a cop when he was younger, and was employed at places such as Kmart, Bradlees and Lord & Taylor, he is proud to be where he is today.

“I wanted something better,” Williams says. “I always wanted to be one (supervisor) when I was a guard.”

His work ethic and his desire to provide for his family have always kept his motor going. Even when he dealt with rude people, he never let them get under his skin.

“I’ve been through the ups and I’ve been through the downs,” he says.

He recalled how people used to call him a clown cop and toy cop. That could have been a deterrent to some, but Williams persevered. He knew that to provide for his family, he needed to get a promotion. It was worth the effort, he says.

“I’ve earned to where I where I got now,” Williams says.

In addition to working close to his wife, Tasha, and eight children, Williams explains that it’s the people at work that really make it fun. He describes himself as friendly, always talking to colleagues and tenants and getting to know them.

Williams is a family man who enjoys movies, parties, going out to dinner. He is also a New York Yankees fan.

But there’s nothing more important in his life than being honorable and a good person.

“I’m a caring person,” he says. “I like to help people. I’m very thankful.”