Kumbaya or chaos?

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Parks, Community Boards, and waterfront parks: a collaboration that’s working - By the time you read this, the New York City Parks Dept. will have met with local residents at the office of Manhattan Community Board 8 to get their input on the design for the reconstruction of 14 Honey Locusts Park, located at East 59th Street between First and Second Avenues. With the community’s input, the Parks Dept. will develop a design to be presented to CB8 for the public to review.

The Parks Dept. and CB8’s Parks Committee - Barry Schneider, co-chair, Margaret Price, Barbara Rudder and William Sanchez - have already effectively worked together in their creation of the Andrew H. Green Park at the site of a former heliport by the East River. The first two phases of the park’s construction have been completed, and the next two phases are expected to be fully completed by 2020. A good vision.

On Saturday, Nov. 20, at 2:00 p.m., the public is invited for an update on the progress of the park’s design and construction at the as yet unfinished Andrew H. Green Park, and to celebrate the 19th century master planner and preservationist for whom the park is named. Guest speaker Fran Leadon, author of the recently published “Broadway: A History of New York City in Thirteen Miles,” will be the guest speaker.

Met clubbing - If Andrea Catsimatidis, chairwoman of the Manhattan Republican Party, was looking for kumbaya when she co-hosted her dad John Catsimatidis’s AM 570 radio show’s Political Forum, it didn’t happen. The forum, held at the Empire Steakhouse in the East 50s, was worthwhile, and offered a chance to hear from Manhattan Republican candidates running in the midterm elections for local offices. Chele Farley, who is running for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat, was at the forum and interviewed by the chairwoman. With a few exceptions, the candidates were preaching to the choir. The elder Catsimatidis’s vision for the Republican Party was on display as he advocated for eliminating incivility in political discourse and working across the aisle and within the political parties for peaceful, productive discourse. To show his bona fides, Catsimatidis invited Robert Zimmerman, Democratic National Committeeman from New York, to share his views.

But civility and peaceful discourse were not on everyone’s agenda. A day or so after the radio show’s forum, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, on Manhattan Republican Party letterhead, emailed a solicitation for contributions to “Help us fight back right now,” referring to the “leftist violence and aggression [which] cannot go unanswered,” “the unhinged radical Left” and the “complicit liberal media.” As chair of the Manhattan Republican Party, and with her dad at her side, Andrea Catsimatidis may have to choose between her father’s vision for the GOP and that of Giuliani, for the Manhattan Republican Party. Try kumbaya.

Believe it or not, MTA style - 68th Street and Lexington Avenue, 11 a.m., a weekday morning. Praise for the working timer. Kvetch for the news that the M102 bus would be arriving in 33 - yes 33 - minutes. Sounds like the MTA’s way of telling riders to take a walk. Or an Uber. Or a cab. Or to just get lost.

Funny sign - 84th Street and Second Avenue is soon to be home to the Green Kitchen. It’s unknown if it’s the same Green Kitchen diner that’s been on First Avenue and 77th Street forever. Anyway, at the new location, there’s a sign seeking staffers in the window. One of the openings is for a “busser.” Hope that’s a misspelling, not a new employment opportunity. In the #MeToo age, spelling really matters.

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