Morning moments in “the spot to be”

Doorman Adem Kajosaj says that his boundless energy is a crucial tenet of his position

by madeleine thompson

Adem Kajosaj

East Side Doorman

There’s no such thing as a typical day in the life of Adem Kajosaj. As the morning doorman at 175 East 74th Street, he assists residents with everything they need. The hardest part of the job, he says, is staying calm when things get hectic. “You can be sitting here for five or 10 minutes and not see anybody and then all of a sudden you have food deliveries, you have people calling down, so you kind of to balance everything,” he says.

Luckily, the crazier moments come in waves. In between, Kajosaj loves hearing stories from the people and families he has come to know very well over his 14 years there. “I know their friends, I know their guests, so we do get kind of close,” he says.

Kajosaj would recommend his job to anyone, but he adds that his seemingly boundless energy is a crucial tenet of his position. “I’m a firm believer in the energy you give off is the energy you receive,” he says.

He sees it as part of his responsibilities to greet everyone with positivity no matter their disposition. He particularly enjoys the social aspects of the job and meeting people from all walks of life, from nannies to tenants’ coworkers. “You get to hear a little bit of story behind everybody.” 175 East 74th Street is the only building he’s worked in and he loves the neighborhood around him, calling it “the spot to be.”

When’s he not at work, Kajosaj is a traveler with global aspirations. He oftens visits family in Albania and recently went to Hawaii for the first time. He’s been to Italy and Switzerland and his father’s hometown of Montenegro. He loves hiking, especially the portions of the Appalachian Trial in his native New Jersey. Kajosaj also plays the drums and the guitar. He roots for the Brooklyn Nets — which was originally a New Jersey team — and the Buffalo Bills. He’s close with his parents and two siblings, often spending time with them in New Jersey.

He has also served as a shop steward for 32BJ and attends rallies for the organization.