Among the VIP’s

Cristiana Mendez is grateful for the life in the city that has brought her so much


Cristiana Mendez

Airport Worker (LGA)

What gets Cristiana Mendez up in the morning and keeps her going is the fact that she can provide for her family. She got her job cleaning at LaGuardia Airport in 2002 and has come to love the environment, especially her coworkers. She particularly enjoys being around so many other Spanish-speakers.

Her days usually start around 6 a.m., when she begins by checking the bathrooms and the continues with regular maintenance of her assigned area. Mendez is responsible for the airport’s VIP lounges and says she often sees famous and important people. Though she occasionally deals with rudeness, which she attributes to stress caused by traveling, Mendez likes learning things about how the airport works and her job in general. She especially appreciates being recognized by her bosses and supervisors for her dedication.

Mendez lives in Queens but enjoys visiting Times Square. She’s grateful for her stable life in the city that has brought her so much opportunity. She spends her free time with family and friends and enjoys visiting Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised.