Rave reviews from residents

Corey Green may be reluctant to talk himself up, but the people he helps sing his praises


Corey Green


Corey Green is a quiet, reserved man whose generosity of spirit speaks volumes. He has worked at the five buildings comprising Riverbend Houses in Harlem since 2006, when he served as vacation relief, and he considers the residents family. They feel the same way about him. Green is reluctant to talk himself up, but the people he helps on a daily basis are happy to do it for him. One resident cited a time Green came in from his home in New Jersey on his day off to drive her to the doctor. She called him “a kind gentleman not just to me but to everyone in the building.” Another resident recalled when Green helped clean her apartment after it flooded and noted all the times she’s seen him carrying groceries for some elderly tenants.

The feeling is mutual. “They’re beautiful people,” Green says. “It just makes my day.” Green’s job involves watering plants, sweeping and hauling garbage, but he says the hardest part is dealing with snow. “A little bit of everything, you could say,” he says. Though he’s responsible for a large number of units across five buildings, Green says it’s not too much to handle. “I go the extra mile for people,” he says.

Outside of work, Green enjoys riding his bike and playing basketball. He spends time with his wife and her kids. He was born in Harlem and now lives in New Jersey, where he appreciates the plentiful parking and quieter atmosphere.